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We Need More Role Models Like Kay Graham From The Post

Photo Source: Vulture

Photo Source: Vulture

Awards season starts tonight and everyone is obsessed with Meryl Streep, so of course I had to see The Post. I live for watching movies about the media industry! Over the break, I finally saw State of Play. I also loved similar movies based on real stories, especially Obit (The New York Times) and Spotlight (The Boston Globe). In fact, one of my top professional highlights of 2017 was writing a tweet that was noticed by Kim Kardashian and then featured on the Boston Globe’s website.

The Post is about how Meryl Streep’s character Kay Graham, the first female newspaper publisher in America, handled the decision making process when her team at The Washington Post had the opportunity to publish the Pentagon Papers.

These papers were key because as one character points out, the U.S. government “knew we couldn’t win and still sent boys to die.” The movie explains how the classified documents went public while presenting the workplace drama that transpired at The Washington Post, as well as The New York Times and The White House.

If you’re passionate about politics and journalism, then this is a movie to strongly consider seeing.

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Step Into Spring With Sears

Sears Canada Experience Change TTC

When I received a cryptic event invitation to attend a special launch party for an undisclosed brand, I was intrigued. It seemed like a unique opportunity and I trusted the PR firm, so I signed up!

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Adrian Grenier Visits Toronto

Meet and greet alert! Entourage’s Adrian Grenier is coming to Toronto on Wednesday to meet fans at Hudson’s Bay (176 Yonge Street) across from the Toronto Eaton Centre. This is an exciting opportunity to meet the star and ask him about his career or personal life. There is a minimum purchase requirement for a photograph with him, but if you buy jeans and a t-shirt, then I’m sure you’ll be all set.

The event is only two days away so start shopping and thinking about what you’ll say to him!


Adrian Grenier Hudson's Bay

LinkedIn Profile Changes

Sarah Prince LinkedIn June 2014

We’ve all heard about how a polished profile picture (one that’s not cropped, blurry or too dark) can help users make a strong first impression for profile viewers. Now that LinkedIn unveiled a new look for profiles, it’s time to get creative because the addition of a LinkedIn cover photo will make it easier for premium users to portray their personal brand.

Your cover photo on every platform is an excellent place to showcase your interests, photography skills and personality. Choose an original photo whenever possible. On Twitter, my cover photo shows jeans on a rack from the American Apparel sale. On Facebook, my cover photo has a bathroom sign from Disney World that says Prince and before that it was a shot of me posing with the cast of The Social. For now, I’ve selected an image from LinkedIn’s image gallery that’s available for Premium users to use as a temporary placeholder.

Read on for my advice about how employees, job seekers and recruiters can use the new cover photo feature.

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Watch Disney Movies Anywhere


Disney’s new cloud movie service inspired me to return to the happiest place on earth. Now that I’m back, I’m excited to watch my favourite animated movies – especially Mary Poppins. Let’s rewind a bit, #ThrowbackThursday style, to explain the correlation between Disney’s app and my trip.

My former colleagues at Blast Radius designed creative to advertise Disney’s new streaming service and as soon as I saw a preview, nostalgia got the best of me. A few weeks later, I went to Orlando to relax and enjoy Disney’s world-class entertainment. Staying at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort only made me more eager to watch Disney movies, so I’m excited to download Disney Movies Anywhere and tackle my to-watch list.

Disney Movies Anywhere is available to PC and Mac users through iTunes and its movie catalogue has over 400 titles. Working at Future Shop tempted me to buy Apple TV and I know that when I eventually splurge on it, Disney movies will look better than when I initially watched them on VHS sans flat-screen TV.


The launch of Disney Movies Anywhere was scheduled to coincide with the release of Frozen, which is nominated for best animated feature film at the Oscars. It was fun to see replicas of Disney’s Academy Awards at the Animation Studio and Gallery in Hollywood Studios and I hope they earn more statues this weekend.

It’s a polar vortex out there, so stay in on Sunday night and cheer for Frozen. In the meantime, check out Disney Movies Anywhere. Bonus points if you make Mickey-shaped cookies to snack on instead of popcorn.