Concert Review: Barenaked Ladies

Hot On The Street Barenaked Ladies December 2017 (3)

5 years ago, I went to see Barenaked Ladies perform in London and I commented that it wasn’t as good as the concert I remembered in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre.

Walking into Massey Hall last night, I wondered if my claim that it’s better to see them in Toronto would be true and Saturday’s show proved that I was right. I loved everything about it, except for the encore because they played 2 covers I didn’t enjoy.

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How Michael Landsberg Inspired Me @ Social Media Week

Michael Landsberg

Attending Social Media Week was a great experience. I got to hear people like Kirstine Stewart and Claudia Oshry AKA @girlwithnojob on Instagram. The session with Michael Landsberg stood out the most, as it made me think about not just social media, but what it means to be an influencer today. When I say influencer in this context, I mean it in the sense of being a powerful public figure that connects well with fans on a personal level. In today’s culture where everyone’s busy, 1:1 relationships with people you admire and respect can be rare, so that’s what I’d like to explore.

In 2009, Michael Landsberg interviewed an athlete named Stéphane Richerand and convinced him to acknowledge his experience with depression on-air. Once they both publicly confirmed they were dealing with mental health issues, emails started pouring into Michael’s inbox. People started confiding in Michael via email because they connected with him in the interview.

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Eating My Way Through That Reno Life

Hot On The Street - Kitchen Renovations - Lox and Cream Cheese Bagel

In the last few months, me and my mom have packed up almost all our belongings in our condo to prepare for major renovations. My dresser shelves are currently empty and it feels like my whole life is temporarily in boxes in our living room.

Of course the process is taking longer than expected. Redoing our whole kitchen meant being forced to eat out from the beginning of June until recently — almost 5 months!

The Experience

For the first couple weeks or so, it was kind of fun. In the beginning, I had an excuse to go to my favourite restaurants every day, which seemed great. However, it soon became apparent that our go-to restaurants on weeknights depended on proximity and speedy service, which usually meant going to chain restaurants and diners. Weekends were a bit better because we had time to leisurely have brunch, like French toast over and over again, and all-you-can-eat sushi for dinner.

When you’re a kid, you dream of going out for meals all the time. When that lifestyle was forced upon us, it wasn’t as good as I once imagined. Eating out every night also meant that it was harder to have private conversations with my mom, which is no problem when we eat at home. During the week, I went to Tim Hortons every day for the sake of convenience and by the time they learned my order (medium iced coffee, please!), it was time to start eating breakfast at home again.

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Jenny Slate Came To Toronto And Liked My Tweet!

Jenny Slate Just for Laughs

I’ve attended a couple great shows at Just for Laughs in Toronto, featuring Lena Dunham and Miranda Sings. I’m a huge fan of Jenny Slate’s acting chops, so I was thrilled to see she was part of the lineup for this year’s festival.

Yesterday I went to see a conversation with Jenny Slate at the TIFF Bell Lightbox and it was amazing. I knew I was going to like the event as soon as she said, “film sets are a lot like camp.”

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Celebrating With Kylie Cosmetics

Sarah Prince and Kylie Cosmetics

In August, I finally ordered Kylie Cosmetics! Kylie released a new Birthday Collection and I was celebrating my 1-year anniversary at Glu Mobile, so I was eager to mark the occasion.

I’ll admit that the ordering process itself felt a bit impulsive, yet easy to justify. This was something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and I split the order with a coworker, so we got free shipping. That’s pretty important for any international order.

After examining the shades of lip gloss available and doing a quick Google Images search, I selected the Like shade. Not only did it seem to suit my skin colour, but how could I say no to a product name like that when social media is all about likes? (Ok, there’s way more to it, but you know what I mean.) The name also made me think of the filler word I’m guilty of saying. Must stop doing that ASAP.

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