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Häagen-Dazs Pops Up In Toronto


Haagen Dazs Toronto - Prince ice cream

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Lately, I’ve preferred milkshakes, but I’ll never say no to an ice cream run. The best ice cream I’ve had recently was a royal treat with my last name on it. I recommend heading over to the new Häagen-Dazs pop-up shop to order your own custom ice cream bar.

Bär Häagen-Dazs sells many cold items, but how could you say no to a snack that literally has your name written all over it? Once you’re inside, you can choose your flavour. Then a talented staff member will decorate and customize an ice cream bar just for you. After she put my name with a heart on top, I requested the crown. The final product looked amazing!

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Happy New Year

One of my favourite sessions at CM1, Toronto’s first conference for community managers, was led by Ryan Ginsberg from Twitter Canada. His talk focused on how social content strategists can plan ahead for and respond to big moments. This includes holidays and unexpected pop culture spectacles like Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs.

Last year, I wrote about how Oreo mastered social media when they were quick to post about the Super Bowl blackout. Oreo’s Super Bowl post was brilliant because their team quickly produced an image with a few words that effectively made millions crave Oreo cookies.

Likeable branded content is simple. Even though digital teams can plan for holidays like New Year’s Eve months in advance, I think a minimalistic execution is optimal. Essentially all you need to do is be engaging and say something to the effect of “Happy Holidays!” with copy and visuals that are aligned with the brand. When businesses create holiday greetings with too many CTAs, they risk appearing obnoxious, as ADP Canada’s Elizabeth Williams observes.

3 brands that understand the power of brevity when celebrating the holidays are SharpieBen and Jerry’s and Holt Renfrew. Look at their Instagram posts to see what I mean:


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