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Coffee With Michael Bregman

Hot On The Street - Sarah Prince and Michael Bregman

A few months ago, I wrote about drinking tea with Carly Rae Jepsen. We didn’t meet at DAVIDsTEA to catch up like old friends; we simply posed at a meet and greet. Drinking coffee with Second Cup’s chairman Michael Bregman was kind of similar. It wasn’t a one-on-one information interview, but rather a breakfast event where he spoke and young professionals listened intently.

In hindsight, Michael’s talk was similar to Annie Young-Scrivner’s keynote at QMAC 2013. At the time, Annie was President, Starbucks Canada and now she is President, Teavana. On both occasions, Michael and Annie succinctly shared their views on coffee consumption, inspired advice-hungry audiences and left enough time for questions.

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Drinking Tea With Carly Rae Jepsen


This was my reaction when I found out DAVIDsTEA was hosting a meet and greet with Carly Rae Jepsen.

Today wasn’t any ordinary #MusicMonday. Today was the first time I woke up early to be one of the first people at Yorkdale. Today I met Carly Rae Jepsen, the woman behind the hit single Call Me Maybe!

I arrived ten minutes before the tea shop opened and was the first fan to receive a wristband. Once I talked to the staff about what to expect when Carly arrived, it was time to shop. It’s interesting to walk around a mall on a weekday morning. There’s no crowds, noise or garbage. I picked up my friend’s birthday gift at the newly renovated Hudson’s Bay, did some window shopping and then went to the food court for lunch. I love ordering salads from Chipotle Mexican Grill, even though they’re a bit too spicy.

After a quick visit to Indigo, I joined the line of about 30 fans. I was surprised that DAVIDsTEA didn’t play any of Carly’s music while we waited. In fact, I deliberately didn’t listen to her music before the event because I expected to hear it on repeat during the meet and greet. Nevertheless, fans seemed to be entertained by Microsoft retail employees dancing and playing Xbox. When was the last time you saw employees have a mini dance party during store hours?

I think this was the most laidback celebrity autograph signing I’ve ever attended. Nobody made a big deal when Carly entered the store, except for a few moms who told their daughters to go up to the store window for a closer look. No applause, no ruckus, just smiles all around.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Sarah Prince & Carly Rae Jepsen FINAL

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Concert Review: The Barenaked Ladies

Not a million-dollar performance

According to an Orchestra London poster, the Barenaked Ladies’ show at Centennial Hall on Friday night was supposed to be the “hottest ticket in London,” but the famous foursome didn’t entirely live up to such high expectations.

Beginning the show with hits including “Lovers in a Dangerous Time” and “Another Postcard,” the band garnered the most excitement when they played “Big Bang Theory Theme,” which they made for CBS’ sitcom. Other songs performed on Friday included “Pinch Me” and “One Week,” until they closed with “If I Had $1,000,000,” the latter of which featured an excellent violin solo from an orchestra member.

When forty-something lead singer Ed Robertson joked about his old age, this fazed neither the middle-aged couples cozy in the balcony’s plush seats, nor the other patrons enjoying pitchers of beer while sitting around tables in the mezzanine. The band joked about the unusual seating arrangement by announcing “the next number is B9,” as if they were bingo callers.

Among the many jokes cracked throughout was Ed’s suggestion that they pass around a wireless microphone to each member of the orchestra, so they can say what an honour it is to play with the Barenaked Ladies. Albeit a poor testament to the band’s comedic expertise, the crowd seemed amused.

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