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Behind The Scenes: Mighty Cruise Ships

Mighty Cruise Ships on Discovery

Mighty Cruise Ships returns to the Discovery Channel tonight for its second season and I had a chance to chat with Executive Producer Karen McCairley. Find out more about the production process below and see which celebrity she wants to travel with in this special Q&A.

How does your show attract and engage with viewers (like myself) who have never been on a cruise?

Mighty Cruise Ships is the only show of its kind in the whole world. We take all the preconceived notions viewers like you may have about cruise ships and set the story straight!

It’s not all big buffets and cheesy lounge singers – we focus on what it takes for the hard working staff aboard each vessel to pull these trips off time and again. We pull back the curtain and focus on the big technology and navigational skill it takes to dock these ships in very interesting and oftentimes difficult ports. We spend time in the engine rooms, bridge, galleys and behind the scenes of the huge mainstage productions that happen aboard these ships.

Put it this way, even the people who work for the cruise lines are oftentimes blown away when they eventually see our shows.

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Bell Let’s Talk

Photo Source: Bell

Photo Source: Bell

Bell Let’s Talk Day is one of my favourite corporate success stories. The charitable initiative, which is run by one of Canada’s top telecommunications companies, aims to remove the stigma surrounding mental health. That’s a campaign that I can stand behind year after year.

Bell has enlisted celebrity spokespeople, such as Howie Mandel and Serena Ryder, to spread the word and use their influence for a good cause. Based on a global response in previous years, I anticipate many more famous people will participate on the day of the event.

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As Seen On TV: The Social

Hot On The Street - The Social Stage

I don’t need an excuse to apply for tickets for a live taping of The Social. Now that they’re in season two, I decided to go back. On my way to the taping, I stopped at Starbucks across the street from the studio. I was delighted to see Jess Allen in line. I spotted her immediately and she was very friendly.

Chloe Bent, The Social’s audience coordinator was as friendly as I remembered. She ensured that everyone was excited to join the live audience and encouraged us to cheer by telling us that the biggest fans would receive gift bags with makeup products. One fan was visiting from San Francisco, so she took home a special prize. According to Chloe, the easiest way to look good on TV is to simply nod and smile, without looking like a cheerleader.

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LinkedIn Profile Changes

Sarah Prince LinkedIn June 2014

We’ve all heard about how a polished profile picture (one that’s not cropped, blurry or too dark) can help users make a strong first impression for profile viewers. Now that LinkedIn unveiled a new look for profiles, it’s time to get creative because the addition of a LinkedIn cover photo will make it easier for premium users to portray their personal brand.

Your cover photo on every platform is an excellent place to showcase your interests, photography skills and personality. Choose an original photo whenever possible. On Twitter, my cover photo shows jeans on a rack from the American Apparel sale. On Facebook, my cover photo has a bathroom sign from Disney World that says Prince and before that it was a shot of me posing with the cast of The Social. For now, I’ve selected an image from LinkedIn’s image gallery that’s available for Premium users to use as a temporary placeholder.

Read on for my advice about how employees, job seekers and recruiters can use the new cover photo feature.

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Listen To Lainey Gossip

Hot On The Street - Elaine Lui : Lainey Gossip

In every Behind The Brand interview, I enquire about professional role models. At the moment, I’d say mine is Elaine Lui AKA Lainey. Every profile of her that I read reiterates that she’s a hardworking media personality who successfully juggles several jobs in the entertainment industry.

After meeting Lainey at a taping of The Social, I was excited to see her again at Indigo. Lainey’s new book Listen To The Squawking Chicken: When Mother Knows Best, What’s A Daughter To Do? A Memoir (Sort Of) is a tribute to her mother, who raised her around a Mah Jong table and inspired her to become a professional gossiper.  Continue Reading