Celebrating With Kylie Cosmetics

Sarah Prince and Kylie Cosmetics

In August, I finally ordered Kylie Cosmetics! Kylie released a new Birthday Collection and I was celebrating my 1-year anniversary at Glu Mobile, so I was eager to mark the occasion.

I’ll admit that the ordering process itself felt a bit impulsive, yet easy to justify. This was something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and I split the order with a coworker, so we got free shipping. That’s pretty important for any international order.

After examining the shades of lip gloss available and doing a quick Google Images search, I selected the Like shade. Not only did it seem to suit my skin colour, but how could I say no to a product name like that when social media is all about likes? (Ok, there’s way more to it, but you know what I mean.) The name also made me think of the filler word I’m guilty of saying. Must stop doing that ASAP.

Sarah Prince and Kylie Cosmetics makeup bag

While placing the order, I wanted to get something practical that I could save as a keepsake. Something that would last longer than makeup. So I purchased a sparkly pink makeup bag with Kylie’s iconic lips logo. Considering I only own one pink piece of clothing, this is on the girly side for me, but oh well. Kylie made me do it!

When the parcel arrived, there was a postcard from Kylie inside! That’s going on my bulletin board for sure. She said pink is the theme of her year and signed it “xoxo, Kylie”. Cute! The shipment came to the studio after Kylie’s birthday, but before #PRINCEBDAY, so I was able to wear my new favourite lip gloss on Labour Day weekend.

As for the products, I’ll definitely take the makeup bag on future vacations. I’m going back to Florida in the winter and can’t wait to combine my obsessions with the Jenners & Disney. Growing up means more glam, less toys.

I think the Like lip gloss is very flattering and accentuates my natural lip colour. This was the first time I ever bought makeup online and I made a good pick! However, my makeup routine is super minimalistic. Therefore, I’ll probably stick to clear lip gloss once my bottle of Like becomes empty. Clear lip gloss helps me achieve the look I want and it never gets in your teeth! We all know how embarrassing that can be.

It’s been fun to support Kylie’s makeup business and I totally fangirled over the products when they arrived. My collection of all things Kardashian & Jenner continues to grow!

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