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Throwback Thursdays With WIRED

wired magazine

Tonight I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I stumbled upon a Facebook video from WIRED. I often save Facebook videos to binge watch on the weekend, but this one caught my attention enough to see it ASAP.

It had the cover of an old WIRED magazine with a bright yellow cover and the post copy said it was from July 1997 i.e. 20 years ago. I was 6 years old! I didn’t read WIRED in elementary school, so I figured it could be interesting to watch a current editor reveal what they published inside.

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Google+ Communities

Google+ Communities is an exciting new feature that I look forward to exploring!

Show some support for Google’s contributions to social media and log in to your account. Forget what you’ve heard about it being a ghost town; Wired reported significant recent user growth on Google+.

After all, Google+ is a place for foodies, film buffs, and whatever you’re into.

Katy Perry, LinkedIn’s Thinking of You

Music icon Katy Perry, one of my favourite pop sensations, continues receiving credit for inspiring how everyone uses social media. First, she kicked off the summer with a lyric video for Top 40 hit ‘Wide Awake’ by embracing Facebook Timeline’s features to showcase her milestones, such as concerts, magazine covers and awards.

More recently, Wired shared that Katy Perry inspired LinkedIn’s global redesign. According to Wired, “One of the main goals in Project Katy is to create a cohesive experience across all platforms, no matter the device or operating system.” LinkedIn’s team began focusing on their Katy-inspired  redesign project following an update to its iPhone app. Modelling the site after Katy’s success seemed natural to Steve Johnson, LinkedIn’s director of design and web development, who loves following pop culture. Wired succinctly explains that Katy’s “irresistible pop hooks” make her a great go-to when designers need a muse.

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