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Hot On The Street Turns 7

Anne Donahue and Sarah Prince

Today marks 7 years since I published my first Hot On The Street post on Tumblr. A lot has changed since then, but my interest in fashion, entertainment and marketing has stayed the same.

Earlier this month, I had a chance to meet a local writer who I’ve liked for a long time: Anne T. Donahue. Most people went to Indigo to get Gabby Sidibe’s autograph, but I went to meet a woman with a kickass Twitter account and a wicked writing style. Continue Reading

James Van Der Memes

Here’s to reminiscing about the classic teenage love triangle and genre-defining drama, Dawson’s Creek

Every day more and more people join the blogosphere and the most notable new blogger is actor James Van Der Beek, of Dawson’s Creek fame. Ten years after he infamously cried in the season three finale, James has launched his own Tumblr blog in which he posts videos of himself making comical melodramatic facial expressions. In the video introducing the blog, James explains that he was inspired by reading comments about the Dawson’s Creek clip and wanted to offer his fans more entertaining close-ups.

When he emphasizes that the original clip has been “digitally restored and re-mastered”, it reminded me of Disney’s commercials for their DVDs and Blu-Rays, in which they encourage parents to buy a brand new copy of a video they may already own because surely their children deserve to watch animated characters in the best possible quality. You may also enjoy his latest ‘Asshole for Hire’ video, which you can check out on his blog here.