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Step Into Spring With Sears

Sears Canada Experience Change TTC

When I received a cryptic event invitation to attend a special launch party for an undisclosed brand, I was intrigued. It seemed like a unique opportunity and I trusted the PR firm, so I signed up!

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Christmas In July With Sears

Sears Canada

Toronto might be going through a heat wave, but inside Sears Canada’s media preview, it seemed like the holiday season is fast approaching. In other words, it’s not too early to start preparing a wish list or thinking about how you want to decorate your home.

In an effort to position themselves as fashion-forward, Sears is going to start selling a few very recognizable footwear brands, namely Circus by Sam Edelman, Unlisted by Kenneth Cole and Fergilicous by Fergie. These new shoe collections will be available in September and as long as you have enough storage space, I say go for it! I love my Sam Edelman ankle boots, but I never expected Sears to carry their products. I commend them for making a strong effort to keep up with the latest trends while offering affordable options.

It’s a lot easier to think positively about winter when you’re surrounded by all things red, black and white—my favourite colour scheme! What excites you about shopping for the holiday season?

Movie Review: Iris

Iris Apfel

Photo Source: ELLE Decor

Style icon Iris Apfel initially entered my radar as a blogger when I interviewed a former Sears employee for my Behind the Brand series. The new documentary Iris portrays her lifestyle as a collector of couture and costume jewellery.

With support from her husband Carl, Iris fills her apartments (and a storage locker) with pieces from around the world that reflect her eclectic yet stylish taste. Their residences look clean, but purposefully cluttered. In addition to garments and accessories, they also have a large collection of books. Iris prides herself on knowing what’s happening in economics and politics. She recognizes how fashion trends reflect historical events and has lived long enough to confirm that eventually everything becomes trendy once again.

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Fashion Blogger By Day, Author At Night


Man Repeller final

Hot On The Street & Man Repeller

Leandra Medine and I have a few things in common: we’re both brunettes with blogs who love New York. We also celebrate the same holidays, but that’s an inside joke between us.

On Thursday afternoon, I went downtown for a meeting (read: interview) and then created a workspace at Aroma. Meanwhile, Leandra appeared on The Social and chatted with fashion journalists about her new book, Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls.

Eventually my battery drained and instead of finding a new seat with an outlet, I dashed to Holt Renfrew. As for my outfit of the day, my Michael Kors trenchcoat protected me from the rain and helped me look polished and colourful. Have I mentioned that sometimes you can spot me as the girl in the red trenchcoat?

Anyway, FASHION’s online editor Randi Bergman interviewed Leandra and then the book signing began. I was grateful for a fast moving line that still allowed for ample face time with the author. While she wrote a personalized autograph with a gold Sharpie, we talked about Instagram and The Coveteur. It was just another conversation about social media and style. No big deal.

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On The Radar: Father’s Day Advertisements

Oreo – Wonderfilled

Sometimes all a girl wants to do is stay up late and tell jokes with her dad until they get hiccups. Can you blame her?

The cheerful animation kind of makes me want to watch monster movies on TV with milk and cookies. Who’s up for a movie marathon? I’ll bring the snacks.

Sears – Not a Superhero

Who is the Sears dad? He wears a suit and tie, not a cape. He interrogates his daughter’s boyfriends and doesn’t fight villains. He doesn’t have superhuman power, but the son in Sears’ Father’s Day commercial is convinced that doesn’t make Dad any less cool. “He’s just super because he’s my dad,” the boy says in a voiceover.

Interestingly, the ad has an explicit call to action at the end, asking viewers to look for their product placement in the new Man of Steel film. The ad uploaded to YouTube then ends with an interactive and clickable gift guide to shop online and find the perfect gift for dad.

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