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We Need More Role Models Like Kay Graham From The Post

Photo Source: Vulture

Photo Source: Vulture

Awards season starts tonight and everyone is obsessed with Meryl Streep, so of course I had to see The Post. I live for watching movies about the media industry! Over the break, I finally saw State of Play. I also loved similar movies based on real stories, especially Obit (The New York Times) and Spotlight (The Boston Globe). In fact, one of my top professional highlights of 2017 was writing a tweet that was noticed by Kim Kardashian and then featured on the Boston Globe’s website.

The Post is about how Meryl Streep’s character Kay Graham, the first female newspaper publisher in America, handled the decision making process when her team at The Washington Post had the opportunity to publish the Pentagon Papers.

These papers were key because as one character points out, the U.S. government “knew we couldn’t win and still sent boys to die.” The movie explains how the classified documents went public while presenting the workplace drama that transpired at The Washington Post, as well as The New York Times and The White House.

If you’re passionate about politics and journalism, then this is a movie to strongly consider seeing.

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How Gastropost Unites Food Lovers

After hearing speakers from Mondelez and Starbucks at QMAC, I started thinking about how fun it would be to promote food and drinks as your day job. Chris Tindal, co-founder of Postmedia Labs, does the next best thing; he oversees the operations of Gastropost.

Since Gastropost’s Toronto launch in May 2012, it has expanded to Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary, and it now has over 10,000 members. Recognizing its success, I was excited to hear Tindal speak about the content strategy behind Gastropost’s growth. Tindal explained that his team’s goal is to inspire people to love their city by encouraging community members to share their expertise.


Gastropost offers anyone with an internet connection and camera the opportunity to share pictures of food with a large audience. The main incentive to participate in Gastropost’s weekly missions is the chance to see your name and photo in National Post. Each mission has a different theme, such as holiday treats or Father’s Day BBQs. Some themes are created based on brand partnerships between Gastropost and CPG brands, such as Kraft.

Anyone can become a self-proclaimed foodie. Gastropost, however, differentiates amateur food photographers by featuring a selection of food lovers online and in the newspaper every week. 50 likes on your Facebook photo of a fancy appetizer doesn’t qualify as a claim to fame in the same way that being in the National Post does.

Gastropost proves that print newspapers still have value, authority and credibility. There’s no doubt about how exciting it is for a photo of your dinner to be featured in one of Canada’s most popular newspapers. Even though Gastropost doesn’t offer any monetary compensation, the personal validation members receive is evidently sufficient motivation to keep the #gastropost hashtag and community alive. “Every week we send people an email to do something and they do it,” said Tindal. How many email marketers can say that?

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Behind the Books: Caren Lissner

It’s one thing to read an author’s books and attend their signings.


It’s quite another when you can get to know them without standing in line first.

Name: Caren Lissner

Best Known For: Carrie Pilby (2003)

Education: English & Creative Writing, University of Pennsylvania

Professional role model: Hmmm, hard to find one.

Current Employment and Projects:

Editor at a chain of weekly newspapers based in Hoboken, New Jersey. Project-wise, revising several different novels, including young adult novels, and hoping to publish one of them soon.

Describe your thoughts about e-reading in 140 characters or less:

Charmless but convenient.

Favourite magazine:

I just subscribed to Nerd Nite: The Magazine. Graphically, it reminds me of the old Mad Magazine, but more knowledge-oriented. Lots of fun. I also love getting Poets & Writers, New Jersey Country Roads (The Garden State does have a softer side!), and the New Yorker.

How important do you think it is for writers to be actively involved in social media? What do you predict about writers’ future role in promoting books?

It’s important for writers to get their work out there so it’s not overlooked in the rush of items competing for a reader’s attention. Writers will probably always have to promote their own work where they can. Blogging is helpful in keeping in touch with one’s readers, especially between books. And for those who really relate to your writing, they may want to know more about you.

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Quoted: Two and a Half Men

Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men would make some highly entertaining contributions to MIT tutorials!

Alan: Check it out! Rose’s engagement announcement is in the paper.

Charlie: Nah, I still don’t buy it.

Alan: What do you mean? It’s right here in the paper. *points to online edition on his laptop*

Charlie: Oh, grow up. Do you know how many times I’ve had that paper print my obituary?

— Episode 8.07