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Celebrating With Kylie Cosmetics

Sarah Prince and Kylie Cosmetics

In August, I finally ordered Kylie Cosmetics! Kylie released a new Birthday Collection and I was celebrating my 1-year anniversary at Glu Mobile, so I was eager to mark the occasion.

I’ll admit that the ordering process itself felt a bit impulsive, yet easy to justify. This was something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and I split the order with a coworker, so we got free shipping. That’s pretty important for any international order.

After examining the shades of lip gloss available and doing a quick Google Images search, I selected the Like shade. Not only did it seem to suit my skin colour, but how could I say no to a product name like that when social media is all about likes? (Ok, there’s way more to it, but you know what I mean.) The name also made me think of the filler word I’m guilty of saying. Must stop doing that ASAP.

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Paint And Fly


Photo Source: Benefit

If you have a delayed flight or long layover, shopping is a pretty solid timekiller.

Recognizing that tourists tend to be laidback, it’s interesting to see how brands are tapping into the opportunity to promote impulse purchases. Beauty brands are targeting travellers with colourful new kiosks at American airports. Skin care and makeup products can already be found in duty-free shops; however, Benefit and Essie are smart because selling products in mobile kiosks increases exposure to passersby.

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