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Movie Review: Landline

Landline Roger Ebert Jenny Slate

Between the popularity of Throwback Thursdays and the Timehop app, the appeal of nostalgia in the media is going strong. So when I found out Jenny Slate is starring in a new movie about a dysfunctional family set in 1995, I was sold. I loved watching her in Obvious Child and I was ready for more laughs from the Jewish comedian in Landline.

Personally, I find characters that work in advertising more likeable, but there’s no excuse for Ali (Abby Quin) and Dana’s (Jenny Slate) cheating dad (John Turturro). I don’t care if he’s a superstar at McCann Erickson. He’s a scumbag. Ali reveals his infidelity to Dana after finding her dad’s love letters to his mistress on a floppy disk labelled as Ali’s schoolwork. Their reactions then become the focal point of the movie.

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Throwback Thursdays With WIRED

wired magazine

Tonight I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I stumbled upon a Facebook video from WIRED. I often save Facebook videos to binge watch on the weekend, but this one caught my attention enough to see it ASAP.

It had the cover of an old WIRED magazine with a bright yellow cover and the post copy said it was from July 1997 i.e. 20 years ago. I was 6 years old! I didn’t read WIRED in elementary school, so I figured it could be interesting to watch a current editor reveal what they published inside.

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How To Celebrate Social Media Milestones

Reaching certain social media milestones, such as reaching a benchmark in your number of followers, can be very exciting for a social media manager. What’s more, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover how much your followers want to celebrate with you. That’s why it’s beneficial to plan ahead and prepare a mini content strategy that you will be ready to execute when you see those magical numbers.

I’m a bit of a screenshot-aholic and some of the photos I’ve collected are posts that my favourite brands published when they acquired lots of followers. Now I’d like to share some of my top picks with you and I hope they will inspire your social media marketing.


Justin Trudeau

Once Canada’s Prime Minister acquired 2 million Facebook fans, his team produced a short video to describe their demographics. Every Facebook page admin has access to these kinds of insights, so it was easy to create, but the average person couldn’t see this information until the video was released and probably found it interesting. By listing the distant locations of where his fans live, he cemented his position as a global leader while expressing gratitude for their support. The video was so engaging that even TV personality Jillian Harris liked it!

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Cooking With Flare at World MasterCard Fashion Week

Hot On The Street - Cooking With Flare

When I anticipated eating a special brunch at World MasterCard Fashion Week inside the tent, I knew the food would be better than quick service fare, but Flare and Metro’s chefs exceeded my expectations. As soon as Flare’s editor-in-chief Cameron Williamson humbly introduced himself at the entrance, I knew I was in for a treat. Soon we were offered glasses of sparkling water and then escorted to the beautifully decorated main room, where a long candlelit table extended down the runway.

It was the kind of event where everyone shared my enthusiasm for Texture by Next Issue and that made me happy. We all enjoyed a delicious four course meal, which included a beet salad, mushroom pasta, fish and dessert, and each course was introduced by a different chef and model.

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Reading The Globe Style Advisor

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

The swag bag from Spark Sessions was jam-packed with goodies to test. The Canadian bloggers who attended are still digging through it and sharing our experiences as we discover products we love. The reusable canvas tote bag was provided by The Globe and Mail and included the latest issue of Globe Style Advisor.

It’s been months since I read an issue of Globe Style Advisor. After listening to editor Andrew Sardone’s keynote, during which he discussed the evolution of street style and his vision for the publication’s future, I was psyched to sit down and read the Holiday 2014 issue. I spotted Andrew’s byline on a few pages, where he writes about hotels, drinks and books. Naturally, I am most inclined to read the coffee table book he suggests for the wordsmith: Understanding The World: The Atlas of Infographics by Sandra Rendgen and Julius Wiedemann.

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