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Chatting With Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner's book The Secrets of My Life

I still remember where I was when the Vanity Fair cover was announced on social media and I followed Caitlyn Jenner’s new Twitter account. I remember which Starbucks location I sat in to read the article. And now I will always remember that time I met Caitlyn in-person. 

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Celebrating The Next Chapter With eTalk

Sarah Prince and Chloe Wilde

After exploring design options for months, I am so excited to share Hot On The Street’s new look with you. Hot On The Street’s 7th anniversary is coming up in May and I think this makeover has been long overdue. My favourite feature of my blog’s new design is the Instagram feed in the footer.

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the re-launch of my blog than a meet and greet with etalk co-hosts. I have admired Liz Trinnear since watching her win the Much VJ competition from the basement of my residence at Western. She studied MIT too and she really inspired me to pursue a career in entertainment.

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Hot Trend: Layering On Top Of White T-Shirts

When a Kardashian or Jenner wears something, everyone notices. Myself included.

So after watching an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians this summer where Kourtney layered a silk tank over a white t-shirt, I decided to try something similar with my own wardrobe. The plaid yellow and navy tank (pictured below) has been in my room unworn for too long and now that’s about to change.

I’ve always been a fan of layering and now that following Kourtney’s lead will let me wear something I’ve always liked yet didn’t fit properly, I’m into this new trend. Upon further research, I realized that Kourtney’s been spotted doing this more than once and Kylie is a fan too, as well as North. They’ve actually layered slip dresses over white tees and tanks.

This is a simple trick that’s easy to execute with a low budget, so I’m all in!

Sarah Prince

Photo Source: ET

Photo Source: ET

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Year In Review: 2015 Highlights

Maroon 5 - Sarah Prince

Looking back on the past year, I’m reminded of the events that educated, entertained and inspired me. YouTube star Miranda Sings’ show at Just For Laughs wasn’t exactly educational, at least not for anyone older than a preteen, but I was in awe of her personal branding talent, so that inspired me.

2015 was a good year in Hollywood. Between Inside Out, Iris, Suffragette and The Danish Girl, there were a number of new releases that I enjoyed. As far as celebrities are concerned, I was also intrigued by Caitlyn Jenner’s transition. I like how Google used her speech to narrate their Year In Search video because her choices and words defined the year in pop culture. Sometimes I wonder if the whole purpose of the Kardashian franchise was to give Caitlyn a bigger platform to become a transgender advocate.

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Movie Review: The Danish Girl

the -danish-girl-mtv

The Danish Girl is a grownup, British and Americanized version of Ma Vie En Rose, which is a modern story about a young transgender boy in France; however, this biopic is based on real events. It’s a compelling story about an artistic Danish couple whose romance is turned upside down after Gerda (Alicia Vikander) asks her husband Einar (Eddie Redmayne) to dress up as a woman, Lili, for a portrait and Einar enjoys it more than Gerda ever expected.

The movie’s attention to detail is excellent. For example, when Einar fixes Gerda’s lipstick with his finger, it’s clear that he is in touch with his feminine side because that’s rare to see. Likewise, the way Einar always whispers while pretending to be Lili reflects women’s submissive behaviour.

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