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Winery Caters To Food Photographers

Photo Source: Carmel Winery

Photo Source: Carmel Winery

There are many tutorials on the web to help you develop your food photography skills, but don’t you wish you could have one-on-one training? If you want to combine your Instagram obsession with a lust for travel, then you’re in luck! Now there’s a special restaurant in Israel where someone will teach you at your table.

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Movie Review: Obvious Child

Hot On The Street - Obvious Child - Jenny Slate Coffee

There’s nothing like getting an abortion on Valentine’s Day. Or finding out that you’re unemployed. Or becoming pregnant from a one night stand. It officially sucks to be Donna Stern.

Donna (Jenny Slate) has worked in an independent bookstore for over five years, but she’s anything but nerdy. She wears lots of cardigans, but she’s hardly meek. She’s just an average 28-year-old Jewish comedian living paycheque to paycheque in Brooklyn. She would rather drink with friends than worry about her future—in a totally non-alcoholic way.

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Live From Queen West… It’s The Social!

The Social

Melissa Grelo, Traci Melchor, Sarah Prince, Cynthia Loyst and Elaine Lui

I’ve been eager to attend a live taping of CTV’s The Social since it premiered in September. The Social is like a younger version of The View with a stronger interactive component, as viewers’ social media engagement is integral to the series.

The Social takes the second screen experience to a new level because it’s filmed live and selected Twitter and Facebook posts are displayed onscreen. Offering opinionated viewers an opportunity to gain exposure on national television is definitely a better incentive to follow the show’s social media accounts than simply for the sake of entering contests or seeing behind the scenes photos.

Interestingly, the invitation to live tweet the show is extended to audience members as well, so I think Bell Media should install a mobile charging station in the audience waiting area. That would be a cost-effective way to ensure more fans can post on social media with the show’s hashtag. If iPhone chargers were available, then I would’ve taken more pictures and tweeted more commentary. Nevertheless, I preserved my battery as much as possible and was able to take photos with the hosts after the cameras stopped rolling.

I was so excited to see Wednesday’s special guest Jessica Alba that I didn’t care what brought her to Toronto. The fact that Jessica booked interviews with Canadian media outlets to promote her new line of eco-friendly baby products rather than a new movie didn’t matter. Plus, I’m certainly not complaining about getting a free copy of Jessica’s book, The Honest Life. Continue Reading

iPhone Transition and Recommended Apps

After my last exam of the semester, I took the earliest train to Toronto the next morning, eager to finally pick up a new phone. Though my excitement was interrupted by a transportation-related delay, the shopping experience that followed was unlike any other. I finally got to browse though Yorkdale’s new extension, including Canada’s first Microsoft store, which was great because I’m a PC.

Photo Source: Mashable

Buying a black 16 GB iPhone 5, which’ll be protected by a black OtterBox Defender, was a fantastic way to start my winter break. The case is so mightily thick that my friends have been teasing me about how the phone looks, but having peace of mind makes it worthwhile. During the initial activation of my phone, it was immediately apparent that using it is as intuitive as people say. Once my contacts were transferred from my BlackBerry Tour 9630 (3 years old, with a trackwheel!), I could proudly call myself an iPhone owner.

I’ve had a lot of fun downloading and testing out apps. Here’s a list of 20 apps I recommend, sorted categorically:

Social Networking & Photo: Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Skype

Entertainment & Music: Flixster (w/ Rotten Tomatoes), GetGlue, Cineplex, Shazam, IMDB

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Katy Perry, LinkedIn’s Thinking of You

Music icon Katy Perry, one of my favourite pop sensations, continues receiving credit for inspiring how everyone uses social media. First, she kicked off the summer with a lyric video for Top 40 hit ‘Wide Awake’ by embracing Facebook Timeline’s features to showcase her milestones, such as concerts, magazine covers and awards.

More recently, Wired shared that Katy Perry inspired LinkedIn’s global redesign. According to Wired, “One of the main goals in Project Katy is to create a cohesive experience across all platforms, no matter the device or operating system.” LinkedIn’s team began focusing on their Katy-inspired  redesign project following an update to its iPhone app. Modelling the site after Katy’s success seemed natural to Steve Johnson, LinkedIn’s director of design and web development, who loves following pop culture. Wired succinctly explains that Katy’s “irresistible pop hooks” make her a great go-to when designers need a muse.

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