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Movie Review: Fed Up

Make room for another documentary about the obesity epidemic. In Fed Up, narrator Katie Couric walks viewers through history to explain why so many Americans are overweight. In addition to featuring numerous interviews with professors, politicians and doctors, Fed Up chronicles the lifestyles of a few students. The students provide testimonials in between clips of […]

Reading The Globe Style Advisor

The swag bag from Spark Sessions was jam-packed with goodies to test. The Canadian bloggers who attended are still digging through it and sharing our experiences as we discover products we love. The reusable canvas tote bag was provided by The Globe and Mail and included the latest issue of Globe Style Advisor. It’s been […]

5 Things To Do While Unemployed

Unemployment is a crucial time to focus on priorities in your personal life. It’s important to establish a routine and create structure, as that’s the best way to avoid sitting at home with negative thoughts, which could lead to a downward spiral. Once you’ve found an effective job hunting strategy that you can realistically execute, set […]

Grumpy Cat Visits Toronto

You know how point and shoot cameras have a ‘kids and pets’ feature? Well, if you like pets and have a camera (or a smartphone!), then head over to Indigo at the Toronto Eaton Centre TODAY. Grumpy Cat is in Toronto and this is an event you can’t miss if BuzzFeed is your homepage. Cats […]

Meeting Jennifer Weiner In Yorkville

Taking the TTC to Bay and Bloor is a lot cheaper than flying to Manhattan, so I’m glad Jennifer Weiner came to Toronto to dish about journalism, relationships and reality TV. When I went to New York last spring, I carefully planned the trip around Lauren Graham and Jennifer Weiner’s book signings. Many tourists go […]

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