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Year In Review: 2015 Highlights

Maroon 5 - Sarah Prince

Looking back on the past year, I’m reminded of the events that educated, entertained and inspired me. YouTube star Miranda Sings’ show at Just For Laughs wasn’t exactly educational, at least not for anyone older than a preteen, but I was in awe of her personal branding talent, so that inspired me.

2015 was a good year in Hollywood. Between Inside Out, Iris, Suffragette and The Danish Girl, there were a number of new releases that I enjoyed. As far as celebrities are concerned, I was also intrigued by Caitlyn Jenner’s transition. I like how Google used her speech to narrate their Year In Search video because her choices and words defined the year in pop culture. Sometimes I wonder if the whole purpose of the Kardashian franchise was to give Caitlyn a bigger platform to become a transgender advocate.

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Meeting Margaret

Hot On The Street - Margaret Trudeau and Sarah Prince - IMG_8531

After hearing the mental health advocate speak at Western, I was keen to see Margaret Trudeau again at Indigo. Every seat was taken on the first floor at Indigo Manulife and even though she came to promote a self-help book for women, there were quite a few men present.

In her first bestselling book, Changing My Mind, she documented her bouts of depression, but showed no signs of unhappiness last night. Margaret was very giddy on stage, smiling as she spoke about every subject.

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Movie Review: Fed Up

Make room for another documentary about the obesity epidemic. In Fed Up, narrator Katie Couric walks viewers through history to explain why so many Americans are overweight.

In addition to featuring numerous interviews with professors, politicians and doctors, Fed Up chronicles the lifestyles of a few students. The students provide testimonials in between clips of them at home, school and doctor appointments.

In 1977, when a government report was released encouraging the food industry to manufacture food with less fat, food manufacturers responded by decreasing calories and increasing sugar. I like one doctor’s approach to explaining how consuming sugar affects our metabolism. “You can eat a bowl of Corn Flakes with no added sugar or you can eat a bowl of sugar with added Corn Flakes,” he says. “They might taste different, but below the neck, they’re metabolically the same.”

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Reading The Globe Style Advisor

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The swag bag from Spark Sessions was jam-packed with goodies to test. The Canadian bloggers who attended are still digging through it and sharing our experiences as we discover products we love. The reusable canvas tote bag was provided by The Globe and Mail and included the latest issue of Globe Style Advisor.

It’s been months since I read an issue of Globe Style Advisor. After listening to editor Andrew Sardone’s keynote, during which he discussed the evolution of street style and his vision for the publication’s future, I was psyched to sit down and read the Holiday 2014 issue. I spotted Andrew’s byline on a few pages, where he writes about hotels, drinks and books. Naturally, I am most inclined to read the coffee table book he suggests for the wordsmith: Understanding The World: The Atlas of Infographics by Sandra Rendgen and Julius Wiedemann.

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5 Things To Do While Unemployed

Hot On The Street - Spark Sessions - Notebook and Cupcakes

Unemployment is a crucial time to focus on priorities in your personal life. It’s important to establish a routine and create structure, as that’s the best way to avoid sitting at home with negative thoughts, which could lead to a downward spiral.

Once you’ve found an effective job hunting strategy that you can realistically execute, set aside time to relax. Take this time to lead the balanced lifestyle that you know you should strive for on a regular basis, but let laziness and the busy trap get the best of you.

1. Record your thoughts in a journal.

It could be in a digital app that you can sync and access across your devices with password protection. I recommend the app Day One, which offers prompts to get you thinking and keep you on a schedule. Evernote is another good option. Create a new notebook marked Personal or something ambiguous so strangers looking over your shoulder will never guess you use the app to record private feelings.

Of course you can maintain a journal the old fashioned way with pen and lined paper. Store it somewhere safe at home. If writing down miscellaneous observations during the day is something you’re not used to doing, then keep it simple and start with something basic. Indigo sells One Line A Day memory books and if you make writing in it a habit, then you will have a fascinating log to reflect on months or years in the future. See how much you have grown, matured and changed in the process.

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