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Throwback Thursdays With WIRED

wired magazine

Tonight I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I stumbled upon a Facebook video from WIRED. I often save Facebook videos to binge watch on the weekend, but this one caught my attention enough to see it ASAP.

It had the cover of an old WIRED magazine with a bright yellow cover and the post copy said it was from July 1997 i.e. 20 years ago. I was 6 years old! I didn’t read WIRED in elementary school, so I figured it could be interesting to watch a current editor reveal what they published inside.

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How To Celebrate Social Media Milestones

Reaching certain social media milestones, such as reaching a benchmark in your number of followers, can be very exciting for a social media manager. What’s more, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover how much your followers want to celebrate with you. That’s why it’s beneficial to plan ahead and prepare a mini content strategy that you will be ready to execute when you see those magical numbers.

I’m a bit of a screenshot-aholic and some of the photos I’ve collected are posts that my favourite brands published when they acquired lots of followers. Now I’d like to share some of my top picks with you and I hope they will inspire your social media marketing.


Justin Trudeau

Once Canada’s Prime Minister acquired 2 million Facebook fans, his team produced a short video to describe their demographics. Every Facebook page admin has access to these kinds of insights, so it was easy to create, but the average person couldn’t see this information until the video was released and probably found it interesting. By listing the distant locations of where his fans live, he cemented his position as a global leader while expressing gratitude for their support. The video was so engaging that even TV personality Jillian Harris liked it!

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How To React To The New Chevrolet Malibu

Photo Source: Adweek

Photo Source: Adweek

When Facebook launched their new Reactions feature, I was curious to see how my friends and peers in the advertising industry would respond. It’s been around for about a week now and I have yet to use anything but the Like button; however, I think that’s simply a response to the type of content that has appeared in my news feed. If something was truly shocking or devastating, I wouldn’t hesitate to say “Wow!” with a click.

One of my favourite new ads capitalizes on Facebook’s Reactions to demonstrate how much their customers will love their latest product. To produce their one-minute spot “From Like to Love,” Chevrolet and their agency Commonwealth/McCann collected video clips from user-generated content. The videos capture typical moments that are shared on social media like kids’ first day of school and an engagement.

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Movie Review: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, Michael Fassbender, Apple, movie

Photo Source: Slate

Steve Jobs was a legend. I still vividly recall the night he passed away. I was sitting at my desk in London and one of my Apple enthusiast friends sent me a Facebook message to commiserate. Millions miss him but his legacy lives on in pop culture and commerce.

Now Hollywood has released another tribute to him through Steve Jobs in which Michael Fassbender portrays him. It’s easier to learn about the pivotal moments of his career through a two-hour-long movie than by reading six hundred pages in Walter Isaacson’s biography.

The movie focuses on three key product launches between 1984 and 1998 to expose his personality, family life and business savvy. It’s interesting to see the evolution of his style because at first he wears suits and then he doesn’t find his trademark black turtleneck and jeans look until he introduces the iMac after returning to work at Apple.

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Ten Thousand Coffees Chat With Lisa Kimmel

Lisa Kimmel - Edelman

From early morning meetings to late night client dinners, Edelman Canada’s President Lisa Kimmel is a busy woman. Thankfully she took time out of her schedule to talk to young professionals for a Ten Thousand Coffees group chat.

Here are some takeaways from our conversation:

  1. No matter how hectic your job, it’s important to make time for yourself so you can stay healthy. Lisa exercises 3-4 times/week and appreciates the alone time.
  2. In an agency environment like Edelman, a good PR professional is highly adaptable, reflexive, flexible, solution-oriented, collaborative, curious and able to deal with overwhelming client responsibilities.
  3. A few of the most important skills for a PR professional are sales, public speaking and critical thinking.
  4. Effective internal communication, something I was particularly interested in learning about, involves honesty, transparency and frequent discussions. An account executive should understand the strategic plan for the entire agency and open communication makes this possible.
  5. Employment engagement is an essential priority. Lisa advises employers to recognize that employees are your best advocates, so equip them with the right tools to talk about your company at a party.
  6. An effective employee engagement program invites contributions from employees at junior and senior levels so management can gather insights for operations.
  7. Media companies like Facebook and Twitter sometimes eliminate clients’ agencies as the middleman and go straight to presenting solutions to clients. This is an obvious threat to agencies who want to be involved in all campaigns, so some agencies like Edelman are starting to partner with media companies like The Globe and Mail to present solutions to clients based on joint capabilities.
  8. Lisa understands the value of information interviews, but young people should realize that she’s inundated with requests. Tell a story in your email invitation to capture her attention because too many people say, “I’m passionate about public relations and want to meet with you over coffee.” If and when you are awarded an information interview, make sure you come prepared. Know your elevator pitch and research the senior employee’s company.
  9. For job interviews, ensure that you can articulate your point of view on the industry. Do enough research so that you can confidently predict future trends and think about your portfolio so you can describe the work you’re most proud of doing.
  10. Young professionals without a family should take advantage of opportunities to work abroad, such as landing a job within your agency’s international network.