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Celebrating The Next Chapter With eTalk

Sarah Prince and Chloe Wilde

After exploring design options for months, I am so excited to share Hot On The Street’s new look with you. Hot On The Street’s 7th anniversary is coming up in May and I think this makeover has been long overdue. My favourite feature of my blog’s new design is the Instagram feed in the footer.

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the re-launch of my blog than a meet and greet with etalk co-hosts. I have admired Liz Trinnear since watching her win the Much VJ competition from the basement of my residence at Western. She studied MIT too and she really inspired me to pursue a career in entertainment.

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Treat Yourself And Fly Solo

Movies Alone

How many concerts have you missed because your friends have different music taste? Don’t let that be an excuse anymore. When I was at Western, I flew solo to a Barenaked Ladies concert, which I was reviewing for the Gazette. My intention was to listen, enjoy and take notes. It didn’t matter who sat next to me.

Likewise, when award show season was at its pique in the winter and I needed to watch nominees, I waited for no one. I spent an afternoon at Cineplex Odeon Varsity theatre, treated myself to a Yogen Fruz smoothie (I’m addicted!) and never looked back. Still Alice is an introspective film about aging that I was content to watch alone and I didn’t feel an urgent desire to discuss it with anyone afterwards.

A new study from the University of Maryland found that many individuals don’t spend time alone in public because they fear what observers will think. It’s sad to imagine how people are missing out on opportunities to enjoy themselves simply because they value opinions of strangers.

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Current Role Models

Hot On The Street - Sarah Prince and Woody Allen

Before I turned 21, I shared a list of five women who I admire: Elizabeth Bromstein, Hilary Duff, Kelly Cutrone, Lauren O’Neil and Shania Twain. I enjoyed writing it and I certainly appreciated when Kelly replied to my tweet linking to the blog post.

I’ve always liked Hilary Duff, but when she released a single from her upcoming comeback album that was sub-par, I realized I’m more interested in seeing what she wears than hearing what she sings or watching her movies.

Looking back at the list now, I still admire those women for the same reasons; however, if I were to make another listicle with my top five role models now, Hilary would not make the cut. She wouldn’t even make the top ten.

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Sharing Secrets With Jessi Cruickshank

Jessi Cruickshank and Sarah Prince - Biore Canada

I don’t have many beauty secrets, but I will let you virtually eavesdrop on conversations with TV personality Jessi Cruickshank at Bioré’s event. Jessi and Dan were to MTV what Regis and Kelly were to ABC, so when I was invited to hear Jessi reveal how she becomes camera ready I was psyched.

The theme and hashtag of the evening was #TheCharcoalSecret because charcoal is a key ingredient in Bioré’s new products. The event was just a few days after her infamous Rob Ford interview in LA and Jessi gracefully transitioned from talking about politics to Hollywood and skincare.

Jessi hosted her own mini ceremony to reveal her craziest interview experiences:

Best Actor: Tom Cruise

Did you know he has his own mystic tanner? Hopefully they’re not the same person responsible for so many A-list stars with orange skin at the Academy Awards. Regardless, Jessi was overwhelmed by the size of his entourage, which she says includes assistants for his assistants.

Worst Actor: Kristen Stewart

To put it mildly, “she was very unpleasant.” Unfortunately for Jessi, Twilight fans were so aghast by their televised interview that they sent death threats and complaint letters to MTV.

Most High Maintenance: Mariah Carey

Mariah’s publicist insisted on a standing interview so Mariah would look thinner. OK, no big deal. Once on set, Jessi was introduced to Mariah’s personal lighting director and when she arrived, the publicist said, “I’m going to receive Mariah,” speaking about the diva as if she’s royalty. Looking back, Jessi says that now “I feel like we go back to when we were babies with pacifiers.”
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Live From Queen West… It’s The Social!

The Social

Melissa Grelo, Traci Melchor, Sarah Prince, Cynthia Loyst and Elaine Lui

I’ve been eager to attend a live taping of CTV’s The Social since it premiered in September. The Social is like a younger version of The View with a stronger interactive component, as viewers’ social media engagement is integral to the series.

The Social takes the second screen experience to a new level because it’s filmed live and selected Twitter and Facebook posts are displayed onscreen. Offering opinionated viewers an opportunity to gain exposure on national television is definitely a better incentive to follow the show’s social media accounts than simply for the sake of entering contests or seeing behind the scenes photos.

Interestingly, the invitation to live tweet the show is extended to audience members as well, so I think Bell Media should install a mobile charging station in the audience waiting area. That would be a cost-effective way to ensure more fans can post on social media with the show’s hashtag. If iPhone chargers were available, then I would’ve taken more pictures and tweeted more commentary. Nevertheless, I preserved my battery as much as possible and was able to take photos with the hosts after the cameras stopped rolling.

I was so excited to see Wednesday’s special guest Jessica Alba that I didn’t care what brought her to Toronto. The fact that Jessica booked interviews with Canadian media outlets to promote her new line of eco-friendly baby products rather than a new movie didn’t matter. Plus, I’m certainly not complaining about getting a free copy of Jessica’s book, The Honest Life. Continue Reading