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Celebrating With Kylie Cosmetics

Sarah Prince and Kylie Cosmetics

In August, I finally ordered Kylie Cosmetics! Kylie released a new Birthday Collection and I was celebrating my 1-year anniversary at Glu Mobile, so I was eager to mark the occasion.

I’ll admit that the ordering process itself felt a bit impulsive, yet easy to justify. This was something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and I split the order with a coworker, so we got free shipping. That’s pretty important for any international order.

After examining the shades of lip gloss available and doing a quick Google Images search, I selected the Like shade. Not only did it seem to suit my skin colour, but how could I say no to a product name like that when social media is all about likes? (Ok, there’s way more to it, but you know what I mean.) The name also made me think of the filler word I’m guilty of saying. Must stop doing that ASAP.

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Hotspot: Canada’s Wonderland

Hot On The Street - Canada's Wonderland - Backlot Stunt Coaster - Sarah Prince

I covered most of Toronto’s tourist attractions while growing up in the city, but it’s fun to return to your favourite spots with a new perspective as an adult. I recently went to Canada’s Wonderland to experience the thrill of riding roller coasters and escape city life for the day.


My favourite ride is definitely The Fly. It’s slower than the Backlot Stunt Coaster, which I also liked, but fast enough to feel like a mini adventure. Thunder Run comes at a close second, while the wooden ride Wild Beast was too shaky for me. Next time, I’d love to ride in a log on TImberwolf Falls.

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Play Review: Full House The Musical

Hot On The Street - Perez Hilton and Sarah Prince

There’s one main incentive to see Full House The Musical and that’s Perez Hilton. After talking to him in June, I was excited to see him on stage at the Randolph Theatre.

“I wear high-waisted jeans and I want you to meet my unconventional family,” Perez sings, as Danny Tanner, introducing the show. The cast activates the hug zone in the opening number when they joyously approach audience members in the first few rows. If you fall in love with the characters, then it’s not as weird as it sounds.

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Transform Your Trip With Disney’s MagicBands

Disney World MagicBand - Wired

Photo Source: Disney

Wearable technology is no longer an innovation to fantasize about; it’s actively shaping how we interact with brands. Before there was the Apple Watch, Disney invested $1 billion in introducing MagicBands to Walt Disney World guests.

I’m proud to say that I’m still a child at heart and I love all things Disney. I experienced the benefits of the MagicBands technology firsthand on my last trip to Walt Disney World.

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Movie Review: Inside Out

Inside Out - Carbon Brew

Core Memories. Personality Islands. Imagination Land. These are just a few of the driving forces behind protagonist Riley Anderson’s thought process in Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out. The original concept takes viewers on a behind the scenes tour of a young girl’s mind as the script explores how her emotions affect her behaviour. Five emotions – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear – run an intense operation and guide her through life’s challenging moments like being the new girl at school.

The characters clearly express their feelings through their large eyes and energetic voices. For example, Disgust (Mindy Kaling) has extra long eyelashes and her sassy personality makes her quite entertaining. No matter which emotion they represent, every character speaks with conviction.

Meanwhile, Amy Poehler’s character Joy is the woman in charge. She’s not bossy, but eager. She wants Riley to be happy.  All of the emotions have a symbiotic relationship that helps Riley function like a typical preteen. When that gets disrupted, chaos ensues. Midway through the movie, I was so engrossed that whenever Joy and Sadness stood at the edge of a cliff, I felt nervous for them. That’s a tell-tale sign of good storytelling.

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