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Get Ready For School With Staples & Win!

Can you believe it’s been 4 years since I graduated from the MIT program at Western? Even though I’m not stepping into a classroom after Labour Day, there’s still something exciting about the back to school season. It symbolizes a fresh start and new beginnings, not to mention that it’s a good excuse to go shopping!

Fall is also a very busy time of year. “Canadians are among the most time-squeezed people on the planet,” says Mary Sagat, president of Staples Canada.

With that in mind, I’ve narrowed it down to my top suggestions for your back to school shopping list. This is based on current trends, technology and my own experiences as a student, employee and blogger. And the best part is that you can win a huge prize pack from Staples Canada – more details below.

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Connect Online For A Better Bottom Line

Establishing a presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is a necessary step in promoting new productions, but it is not enough. Effective social media marketing is complex and posting a few links on Facebook or fun facts on Twitter each week is just the beginning.

Using social media management tools to monitor relevant online chatter and respond to patrons’ feedback is very important. For instance, if there has been more buzz about rude front of house staff than the cast’s acting abilities, but that’s unbeknownst to management, then that’s a serious cause for concern.

To stand out amongst the noise, which characterizes social media, stay up to date about industry-wide best practices and assess competitors’ social media activity. If you want to improve your Facebook page, then find brand pages that frequently share interesting content that has high-quality visual elements and understand the approximate 80/20 split between being conversational and promotional. Viral videos like Will It Blend? demonstrate how easy it is to produce engaging content at minimal cost.

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4 Reasons I Love Twitter

I’m officially a university graduate now and the day after convocation, the celebration continues: today is my fourth anniversary on Twitter.

That means it’s been four years since I first tweeted “Jewellery is not a toy” after a beaded necklace that I made broke. I still have those grey beads in a ziploc bag. Today, the manager who worked at Toronto’s Bead Cafe is engaged to a family friend. As Twitter reminds us every day, it’s a small world!

To celebrate this exciting occasion, I’ve created a list of 4 reasons I love Twitter:

1. Twitter Contests

Twitter is responsible for helping me win many products and experiences. Contest prizes have included touchscreen gloves from Target Canada, an Aroma gift card, and a Rob Thomas concert DVD. More recently, I won a free hour of bowling from The Ballroom, which I have yet to redeem. The most amazing prize, however, came from MuchMusic, who gave me tickets to see Arcade Fire!

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

2. Job Opportunities

To apply for my current marketing role, I submitted links to my social media profiles, not a resume. And like the characters of The Internship, they hired me following an interview on Google+ Hangouts. Social media is a crucial part of the hiring process now and I’m curious to see how the relationship between social media and HR continues evolving. Twitter helps you showcase your industry knowledge and personality, so share your commentary and keep it clean!

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Mixed and Ready to Rock

Once Canadian Club posts started taking over my Facebook news feed, I got in touch with my friend Eric, an idea machine, to investigate whether his team in Liberty Village was behind it. Verdict: guilty as charged. A few DMs later, he offered to send me a kit filled with some blue summer essentials, and then I responded “Awesome!” That’s my word of the summer.

Since then, I’ve worn the aqua blue shades everywhere from Yorkdale to the doctor’s office and I love my Canadian Club t-shirt too. I couldn’t help but notice the shirt’s resemblance to old Western t-shirts. I suspect a nostalgic former Londoner influenced the design.

Canadian Club is offering a huge opportunity for emerging bands to enter their Mixed and Ready Cover Challenge contest. To enter, bands must submit a cover of 1 of 5 songs by a Canadian musician, such as The Arkells. The deadline to enter is August 27, but upload a video to Facebook soon so your friends can vote for your video! The winning band will receive $3,000 for transit to Toronto or new gear, as well as studio time to record, mix and master 3 songs.

Even if performing isn’t your thing, you’re eligible to win Ticketmaster gift cards just by voting, so nag your friends and any neighbours with instruments in their basement to participate! I’m on a mission to discover the next Jesse Labelle.

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Bell Social Portrait

Bell Social Portrait

Bell has introduced a very exciting contest, Social Portrait, which creates a word cloud of your Twitter or Facebook posts in a creative portrait!

My social portrait is here and I would really appreciate your votes! Please click the link to help improve my chances of winning the grand prize, which includes my portrait featured on a billboard in Toronto!