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Concert Review: Coldplay

Hot On The Street Coldplay Toronto 2017 Chris Martin Smile

The last time Coldplay came to Toronto, I said I felt like I was in paradise. I don’t want to exaggerate, but the band came close to recreating that experience this week at the Rogers Centre.

First of all, it really comes down to where you sit. The Rogers Centre is huge, so it’s worth the extra investment in really good seats. This time I sat in the 200 level on the side of the stage and it was great. If it’s a pop concert with lots of detailed set design and costumes, it would be even more important. 

My first Coldplay concert was also special because I had never seen an artist use lit up wristbands to connect the audience. Their team deserves a lot of credit for pioneering this. This time, they took their lighting to the next level by syncing their show with the CN Tower’s lighting system! That was truly magical and unique. 

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Some Kind of Wonderful Summer

My Facebook album featuring summer 2012 highlights is called Paradise, after the hit song by Coldplay, which captures my sentiment this summer. Here’s why:

Walt Disney once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Going backstage at a concert has been a dream ever since meeting a Marianas Trench band member working the merchandise table at their 2009 Western O-Week show. 

Ian Casselman, Marianas Trench (September 2009)

Saturday afternoon, I managed to meet Jesse Labelle, a 2012 headliner at the same show. Leaving that tent afterwards broke my heart, but at least I also got to meet my mitZine editor IRL for the first time!

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Coldplay Presents: Paradise at the ACC

When musicians offer concertgoers not just a phenomenal performance, but a souvenir too, it sure makes you feel like you’re in paradise.

Pun with Coldplay’s song lyrics intended, as that’s precisely how I felt last night at the Air Canada Centre, where I received a special Xyloband. With my cell phone stashed away in my purse, the stadium was brighter than usual each time the tech crew activated fans’ Xylobands; no one needed to wave lighters or waste cell phone batteries as they swayed their arms – the special bands imported from the UK did justice and then some.

If you missed the show, here are the highlights of my concert photos:

Music Video: Coldplay – Paradise

Coldplay – Paradise

Coldplay debuted their new music video for Paradise today and it’s wonderful from beginning to end. Watch it, play it in the background as you download the song on iTunes, and then play it on loop on your iPod, I dare you.

I’ll be keeping an eye open for information about an upcoming tour from the group because I loved their last show!