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Stephen Colbert’s 3 Favourite Things

There is “so much [comedic] talent out there and not enough time to show it all,” Sandra Bullock astutely said during the People’s Choice Awards. The award-winning star of The Heat and Gravity took home four trophies on Wednesday night, while I sat at home wishing I had her brown wavy locks.

Kat Dennings, my other favourite brunette Hollywood star, dazzled in her role as co-host. When she quoted fans’ tweets and introduced which song Beth Behrs would sing next, she quickly made that segment a highlight of the 40th People’s Choice Awards. I promised my Facebook friends that I won’t blog more about the dance move Miley popularized last year, so let’s just say Beth’s rendition of Wrecking Ball was epic. Matt LeBlanc joked about singing a song too, but claimed that he couldn’t due to time constraints. The former Friends star then announced that The Big Bang Theory (the show with a Barenaked Ladies theme song) was named Favourite Network TV Comedy.

Kaley Cuoco AKA television’s sweetest newlywed accepted the award for Favourite Comedic TV Actress. She started the year with a bang by wearing a pink Vera Wang dress to her wedding, which she decorated with an upside-down cake hanging from a chandelier. Watching her in the opening sequence on the set of 2 Broke Girls was amusing. Remember, stars are just like us. They’re busy people who care about loyalty programs at Jamba Juice.

Whereas Justin Timberlake spoke about his team in the context of how they’re obligated to deal with his neuroses, Jennifer Hudson brought her sister into the spotlight to emphasize the importance of teamwork and family. “My mother always taught us that without family, you have nothing,” she said. Cover girl material right there. Sponsorship-related pun intended. 

Photo: Billboard

Photo: Billboard

Surprisingly, last night marked the first time Britney Spears won her a People’s Choice Award. Britney celebrated her prize and comeback in a dress that screamed Las Vegas style and reminded me how much I want to return to the west coast.

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OHM Fashion Show

The annual OHM Fashion Show on Friday raised money for the Canadian Cancer Society and focused on street style this year.

The show’s passionate executive team created a sophisticated atmosphere, which made Centennial Hall look much nicer than the bingo hall it resembled when I saw Chantal Kreviazuk and the Barenaked Ladies play there.

Well-known youthful brands seen onstage included French Connection, American Apparel and Danier Leather. This men’s graphic tee by American Apparel caught my eye and reminded me that I’d like to make a similar shirt at the Bang-On store in Toronto.


A show inspired by Pinterest would be incomplete without some nice DIY designs. For the ‘Salvage’ segment, Leah Brown transformed thrift shop purchases, such as these denim shorts, into runway-ready outfits.


OHM not only highlighted some upcoming trends for spring, but also entertained the crowd through phenomenal choreography. As you can see, it’s never too late to learn how to make a ballerina-style hair bun!

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Concert Review: The Barenaked Ladies

Not a million-dollar performance

According to an Orchestra London poster, the Barenaked Ladies’ show at Centennial Hall on Friday night was supposed to be the “hottest ticket in London,” but the famous foursome didn’t entirely live up to such high expectations.

Beginning the show with hits including “Lovers in a Dangerous Time” and “Another Postcard,” the band garnered the most excitement when they played “Big Bang Theory Theme,” which they made for CBS’ sitcom. Other songs performed on Friday included “Pinch Me” and “One Week,” until they closed with “If I Had $1,000,000,” the latter of which featured an excellent violin solo from an orchestra member.

When forty-something lead singer Ed Robertson joked about his old age, this fazed neither the middle-aged couples cozy in the balcony’s plush seats, nor the other patrons enjoying pitchers of beer while sitting around tables in the mezzanine. The band joked about the unusual seating arrangement by announcing “the next number is B9,” as if they were bingo callers.

Among the many jokes cracked throughout was Ed’s suggestion that they pass around a wireless microphone to each member of the orchestra, so they can say what an honour it is to play with the Barenaked Ladies. Albeit a poor testament to the band’s comedic expertise, the crowd seemed amused.

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Red Bull Supports Musicians

While Red Bull’s commercials tend to be cheeky with simple colour schemes, their interest in supporting aspiring musicians through innovative partnerships is very clear this summer. First on my radar was the Red Bull Soundstage Facebook contestthanks to which my friends’ band Of Gentlemen and Cowards will appear on The Late Show with David Letterman in September.

UPDATE: Here’s the clip from Of Gentlmen and Cowards’ September 17 performance:

Then today I learned about an interactive billboard Red Bull created in London, England to promote Jessie Ware, who recorded her latest album at Red Bull Studios. Red Bull invited locals to colour in dots on the billboard until the advertisement was completely visible. Below is the final product:

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TV 2.0: Web Series Picks

The holiday season is upon us – it’s time to send greeting cards, drink hot chocolate and if you’re a student like me, study for exams. When you refuse to go outside, it’s nice to have entertaining videos to watch. Unfortunately, however, this is when a lot of cable shows take a break and say, ‘thanks for watching, here’s some extra special behind the scenes footage. Stay tuned for new episodes in January.’

Mainstream shows’ temporary hiatus creates a marvelous opportunity to discover videos produced specifically for online viewing: scripted web series.

Here are links to a few web series I recommend:

Originals – McDonald’s Canada

Canadian writer Anthony Farrell, a writer from The Office and CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prarie penned the script for a new show featuring charming nerds, pretty girls and an all around well-caffeinated cast, thanks to McDonald’s, who sponsors the series. If you like The Office’s humour and Little Mosque’s quirky multicultural characters, you’re bound to enjoy this series produced by Toronto-based Fresh Baked Entertainment to support the launch of McCafe.

Still not convinced this series is worth watching? Perhaps the wit expressed in its tagline will prove it’s worth a few minutes of your time:

An original web series completely lacking any originality.

If not, then consider the irony that it’s a show about guys pitching a new TV show concept, in which McDonald’s pitches its new franchise concept to consumers. Community fans, particularly those who adore Abed’s character, would especially love it.

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