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Movie Review: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, Michael Fassbender, Apple, movie

Photo Source: Slate

Steve Jobs was a legend. I still vividly recall the night he passed away. I was sitting at my desk in London and one of my Apple enthusiast friends sent me a Facebook message to commiserate. Millions miss him but his legacy lives on in pop culture and commerce.

Now Hollywood has released another tribute to him through Steve Jobs in which Michael Fassbender portrays him. It’s easier to learn about the pivotal moments of his career through a two-hour-long movie than by reading six hundred pages in Walter Isaacson’s biography.

The movie focuses on three key product launches between 1984 and 1998 to expose his personality, family life and business savvy. It’s interesting to see the evolution of his style because at first he wears suits and then he doesn’t find his trademark black turtleneck and jeans look until he introduces the iMac after returning to work at Apple.

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Transform Your Trip With Disney’s MagicBands

Disney World MagicBand - Wired

Photo Source: Disney

Wearable technology is no longer an innovation to fantasize about; it’s actively shaping how we interact with brands. Before there was the Apple Watch, Disney invested $1 billion in introducing MagicBands to Walt Disney World guests.

I’m proud to say that I’m still a child at heart and I love all things Disney. I experienced the benefits of the MagicBands technology firsthand on my last trip to Walt Disney World.

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Book Review: I, Justine: An Analog Memoir

Photo Source: Prizeo

Photo Source: Prizeo

On YouTube, Justine Ezarik seems larger than life. She’s bubbly, animated and enthusiastic. On paper, Justine seems brilliant. She managed to earn a living by broadcasting her daily life and amass a social media following so big that brands couldn’t help but take notice. Her work has paid off and now she has a book called I, Justine: An Analog Memoir.

“I have been lucky enough to earn a living doing exactly what I love,” she writes in her introduction. “I hope that, whatever it is that you love, you never let anyone make you feel weird about it. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, to write or sing or draw or play video games or dance like a crazy person in an Apple Store. Do what makes you happy. It’s always worked for me. And who knows? You might even build a career out of it.”

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Winery Caters To Food Photographers

Photo Source: Carmel Winery

Photo Source: Carmel Winery

There are many tutorials on the web to help you develop your food photography skills, but don’t you wish you could have one-on-one training? If you want to combine your Instagram obsession with a lust for travel, then you’re in luck! Now there’s a special restaurant in Israel where someone will teach you at your table.

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Behind The Brand: Best Buy

Elliott Chun

Name: Elliott Chun

Position: Communications Manager

Education: Visual Arts and Sociology, Western University; Public Relations, Humber College

Professional role model: Richard Branson. He’s a tremendous leader, showman and will one day take us up to space.

Favourite Best Buy purchase: My Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. I never leave home without it and would certainly be lost without it.

In 140 characters or less, what is your favourite part of your job?

Working with an extremely talented group of people, publicizing everything Best Buy, including our vendors, community work and services.

What are your daily responsibilities as a Communications Manager?

I’m constantly discovering creative ways with my teams to promote and story-tell the fantastic things Best Buy is achieving in Canada. I also protect our brand and build campaigns to engage media and customers while identifying and building a community of advocates.

What are the perks of working at Best Buy?

There are too many to list! First off, the biggest perk is working with incredible people. I genuinely enjoy working regularly with a talented group of people. This includes the gifted team at our head offices in Burnaby, our stores, agency and vendor partners and our senior leadership teams. Secondly, as a guy who naturally loves tech and uses it to simplify and enhance my life, the staff discount comes in handy. Additionally, when I’m at the head office, I always appreciate having access to the subsidized, modern gym, as well as the B.C. trails, which are liberating when heading out on an after-work run. Lastly, the food services in our common areas at the head office and regional offices are a nice perk too.

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