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Boston Pizza Celebrates 50 Years

With my birthday coming up, I’ve been thinking a lot about growing up. How have I changed in the last year? Where do I see myself in five years? There is one thing that I’m certain won’t change no matter how old I am: I will always love pizza. Even if I become lactose intolerant, […]

Grumpy Cat Visits Toronto

You know how point and shoot cameras have a ‘kids and pets’ feature? Well, if you like pets and have a camera (or a smartphone!), then head over to Indigo at the Toronto Eaton Centre TODAY. Grumpy Cat is in Toronto and this is an event you can’t miss if BuzzFeed is your homepage. Cats […]

A Closer Look At Dan Levy

I don’t always wear my glasses, but they were a mandatory accessory when I went to Dan Levy’s party at Jonathan+Olivia. When MTV Canada’s The After Show was on air, Jessi Cruickshank stood out as a redhead, while Dan Levy’s distinguishing characteristic was his glasses.

Coffee With Michael Bregman

A few months ago, I wrote about drinking tea with Carly Rae Jepsen. We didn’t meet at DAVIDsTEA to catch up like old friends; we simply posed at a meet and greet. Drinking coffee with Second Cup’s chairman Michael Bregman was kind of similar. It wasn’t a one-on-one information interview, but rather a breakfast event […]

Happy Birthday Tim Hortons

“It’s like Mad Men around here.” Even though Tim Hortons never had a chance to work with Don Draper, they’ve done quite well in the last 50 years. According to Marketel, Tim Hortons is Canadian women’s favourite brand and it ranks high on my list too. To celebrate its 50th birthday, Tim Hortons threw a […]