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Concert Review: Shania Twain

Hot On The Street - Shania Twain Concert at Air Canada Centre, Toronto - October 2015

Shania came back to Toronto for her third visit on the Rock This Country tour and she’s clearly on a mission to reconnect with fans that have noticed her absence from the concert circuit.

Gavin DeGraw, who rose to fame thanks to the beloved show One Tree Hill, was the opening act and he started the evening on a powerful note. He began behind the piano to perform Soldier and then continued to play hits like Sweeter and Chariot. His cover of Bryan Adams’ Heaven was a notable highlight.

He really got the crowd riled up when he stepped off the stage to sing I Don’t Wanna Be with fans on the floor. He shook fans’ hands as he walked around with security and I watched with envy from the nosebleed section. At the time, I didn’t know that he was prepared to get so personal with fans that he would surprise a lucky bride and groom’s guests at a local wedding the same night! Gavin and Shania were both sentimental about their last night on tour together and I was delighted to see Gavin come back on stage to sing Party for Two as a duet with her.

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Concert Review: Celine Dion

Hot On The Street - Sarah Prince - Celine Dion

There’s nowhere I’d rather spend the night before my birthday than the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. In 2010, I saw Cher and Chelsea Handler – two amazing shows in one night! This year, I went to see Celine Dion and it was a good decision because her latest show is phenomenal.

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Concert Review: Maroon 5

Hot On The Street - Maroon 5 Toronto - IMG_8486


When I heard Maroon 5 was coming to Toronto, I decided to splurge and purchase the Animals package. This included a commemorative ticket, VIP badge, hat and messenger bag. The best part wasn’t the merchandise, but rather my view of Adam Levine from my seat in the ninth row on the floor. His tattoos were within plain sight and I relished the possibility that he was so close, we could make eye contact. We didn’t, but that’s ok.


Following a performance by Rozzi Crane, MAGIC! kicked off the night and celebrated their Juno award win. I’m partial to anyone wearing red pants and MAGIC! took that one step further in bold red pantsuits. Snaps for killer fashion! In fact, they seemed to put more effort into their attire than Adam, who wore a black and white graphic t-shirt and black pants.


Adam started his set with Animals, and then it wasn’t long until their was a rare interruption: microphone failure. The band has been touring for over ten years and that’s never happened before. What’s a concert without a working microphone? Well, after Adam threw the mic out of frustration, he thought it hit a fan, so he welcomed her onstage, held her hand and hugged her, then gave her an even better seat closer to the stage for the rest of the show. Lucky girl.

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HOTS Goes To The 2015 Juno Awards

Hot On The Street - Shawn Mendes - 2015 Juno Awards - IMG_8427
Last night, I attended my first televised awards show: the 2015 Juno Awards! It was a lot of fun to watch live and an easy way to see multiple performers in one night. It has always been on my bucket list to see the Junos, so now I can cross that off my list.


There was a whole week of events in Hamilton leading up to it, including the gala dinner on Saturday, which Jessi Cruickshank hosted. You know I’m a big Jessi Cruickshank fan and I wish she hosted the main event, even though she isn’t a musician. Instead, Hedley’s Jacob Hoggard hosted the Junos and tried to make us laugh with video sequences that included a cameo by none other than Stephen Harper. eTalk’s Ben Mulroney said hello to Jacob from his seat, where he joked that he was offered the hosting gig as well, but turned down the offer.

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Concert Review: Robyn and Royksopp

Hot On The Street - Royskopp and Zhala

My friends who’ve been nudging me to develop a greater appreciation for house music might be surprised to know how much I enjoyed Royksopp’s opening set. The abrupt ending to their act made me realize I should re-think my attitude towards the genre. Apparently electronic artists deserve a second chance in my music library after all.

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