Eating My Way Through That Reno Life

Hot On The Street - Kitchen Renovations - Lox and Cream Cheese Bagel

In the last few months, me and my mom have packed up almost all our belongings in our condo to prepare for major renovations. My dresser shelves are currently empty and it feels like my whole life is temporarily in boxes in our living room.

Of course the process is taking longer than expected. Redoing our whole kitchen meant being forced to eat out from the beginning of June until recently — almost 5 months!

The Experience

For the first couple weeks or so, it was kind of fun. In the beginning, I had an excuse to go to my favourite restaurants every day, which seemed great. However, it soon became apparent that our go-to restaurants on weeknights depended on proximity and speedy service, which usually meant going to chain restaurants and diners. Weekends were a bit better because we had time to leisurely have brunch, like French toast over and over again, and all-you-can-eat sushi for dinner.

When you’re a kid, you dream of going out for meals all the time. When that lifestyle was forced upon us, it wasn’t as good as I once imagined. Eating out every night also meant that it was harder to have private conversations with my mom, which is no problem when we eat at home. During the week, I went to Tim Hortons every day for the sake of convenience and by the time they learned my order (medium iced coffee, please!), it was time to start eating breakfast at home again.

The Highlights – Brunch

Hot On The Street - Kitchen Renovations - Sprinkle Pancakes

Hot On The Street - Kitchen Renovations - Strawberry French Toast

Hot On The Street - Kitchen Renovations - Egg Wrap

The Highlights – Dinner

Hot On The Street - Kitchen Renovations - Sushi

Hot On The Street - Kitchen Renovations - Pasta

Hot On The Street - Kitchen Renovations - Salad

The Outcome

Now that we have our kitchen back, it’s so nice to be able to refill my own drink without waiting and wear old clothes when I’m eating something messy. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference!

Oh, and of course I have to mention that it looks a million times better! With fresh paint, new cupboards and modern appliances, our kitchen looks like it’s ready for 2018 and beyond.

The best part is that once the contractors finished shuffling equipment through the condo, I was able to take the plastic sheet off the TV in our living room, just in time for new shows! I really love the revival of Will & Grace.

Have you ever lived through major renovations? Tell me about your experience!

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