Summer Fashion Update

Sarah Prince - Summer 2017 Fashion 4

I’ve felt more opinionated about fashion trends lately. I love statement sleeves – short and long, but you’ll never catch me in a tee with a cold shoulder. I believe that one day thousands of women will wake up and wonder why they spent so much $$$ on clothes with holes. Too many women look alike these days – what ever happened to expressing your individuality through personal style? As you can imagine, I’m not a fan of distressed jeans either.

I never found an off the shoulder top that I liked enough to buy, but I would consider it in the future. Next, I’m looking for a lightweight black or grey bomber jacket. I have a couple khaki jackets, but they’re so bright! I love colour, but sometimes I want to tone it down a little and wear classic neutrals. And I’m always looking for a good pair of heels, but that’s a long story (private message me for details).

I’ve never been camera shy, unless it’s a makeup-free day (and I tend to have more of those lately). Tempted to pin this to the top of my Twitter profile…

Summer is almost over, so I’ve been trying to capture some of my latest finds from my trip to New York and local malls in Toronto. Follow me on Instagram to see more of my daily looks!

Sarah Prince - Summer 2017 Fashion

Sarah Prince - Summer 2017 Fashion 3


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