Moving Towards Tomorrow With Toyota


Photo Source: Brent Kore

My first ever experience with virtual reality (VR) happened at TIFF 2014 thanks to Ford. They had a cool setup that allowed you to pretend you were shooting a movie in Hollywood while sitting in a new car. The footage of me inside their car still makes me laugh.

As VR continues to become more prevalent, it makes sense that another automotive brand wants to leverage it to connect with drivers. Toyota has created brand galleries at a few Canadian malls to show shoppers the features of their new cars. At the “Towards Tomorrow by Toyota” exhibits, people can use VR to learn about Toyota’s commitment to safety technologies without even going outside. Or, you can take one out for a spin to see for yourself – the choice is yours!

Toyota Virtual Reality

Photo Source: Brent Kore

Toyota’s team hopes these brand galleries will help them interact with millennials effectively and I think this campaign is a solid step in that direction. Giving consumers VR equipment offers them a fun opportunity to see the brand’s playful side and connect with Toyota in unique ways.

If you’re in the GTA, you can see Toyota’s pop-up brand gallery at Hillcrest Mall. And if you want to see another way that Toyota is engaging millennials, check out their new sponsored web series with BuzzFeed called Unfortunatly Ashly.

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