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If you have a delayed flight or long layover, shopping is a pretty solid timekiller.

Recognizing that tourists tend to be laidback, it’s interesting to see how brands are tapping into the opportunity to promote impulse purchases. Beauty brands are targeting travellers with colourful new kiosks at American airports. Skin care and makeup products can already be found in duty-free shops; however, Benefit and Essie are smart because selling products in mobile kiosks increases exposure to passersby.


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Metro News recently recommended that readers save up to invest in something nice at the airport before boarding the plane. The sidebar suggested that travellers can score brownie points by treating loved ones to a pre-trip souvenir like a new pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Makeup and nail polish are much cheaper than designer shades though. Buying cosmetics from a kiosk is also a good alternative to buying last-minute gift cards for women you’re visiting.

That said, I don’t think I’ll pick something up when I spot a Benefit or Essie kiosk.

When it comes to nail polish and travelling, my new approach is to get shellac gel manicures. This is an indulgence I’m reserving for vacations and so far it’s working well. I no longer need to worry about chipping my nails while replacing camera batteries, so I see the value.

Before I discovered shellac, I packed nail polish and remover in my suitcase for touch-ups. Touch-ups are especially key if you’re travelling for a special occasion like a wedding or going on a business trip and don’t want to be seen with chipped nails.

The Toronto Barber and Beauty Supply is one of my favourite local retailers because they always have baskets of mini nail polish bottles. (Tip: The mini bottles are usually available at Winners too.) Buying mini bottles is an affordable way to build a collection and try new shades that are easy to pack!


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Even though I don’t plan to swipe my credit card, I think Benefit and Essie’s vending machines are a cool concept. Best Buy has rolled out their own vending machines, featuring tech products and accessories that have mass appeal. I’m curious to see how male-oriented brands will seize the opportunity to create unique retail experiences at airports.

My advice for makeup junkies? Next time you’re at the airport and you’re tempted by the vending machines, opt for a bottle of water instead of a sugary soft drink and pick up something beautiful!

For more information, Digiday explains the strategy behind Essie’s nail polish kiosks and Benefit announced the launch of their Glam Up & Away kiosks on their Friends With Benefit blog.

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