American Eagle Opens On Queen Street

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American Eagle’s new location at 333 Queen St. West (one block west of John) is a welcome addition to the shopping district for hipsters, yuppies and tweens. Whether you’re looking for something to wear to the beach, cottage or camp, consider this store a go-to destination when you’re downtown.

The store’s grand opening is April 30 and the doors open at 8 AM. Everything (except jeans) is buy one, get one at half price, but I’m sure you’ll be tempted to buy more than just two items. Heads up: the black selfie beanie is out of stock, but you can find it online here.
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I was in middle school when American Eagle expanded to Canada. At that time, there was less of a stigma against graphic tees with large logos. I was proud to wear t-shirts (long and short-sleeved) with American Eagle’s name.

During university, I still liked American Eagle’s new styles, but worried that their assortment is too youthful and casual. Whenever I went shopping and wasn’t in a hurry, I popped in to check out their new stock and listen to peppy indie rock tunes.

Since moving back to Toronto, where malls are more accessible, I’ve frequented American Eagle more often and bought jeans, scarves and loungewear. More importantly, I’ve changed my mind about the store. It’s not just for teens; you just need to think about how to incorporate their casual clothes into your age-appropriate wardrobe. I’m not suggesting that managers should wear crop tops under blazers, but it’s certainly a one-stop shop for interns who want to buy clothes for the weekend and workplace.

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Sometimes sales associates are more helpful than magazines when you’re building a wardrobe and want to buy practical and trendy pieces. I spoke to Kim, a sales associate who studies political science, and learned that her top pick for spring is American Eagle’s black maxi skirt. I don’t blame her – it’s so comfortable!

The staff at the Queen St. store are super friendly and there’s good news – they’re hiring! Want to work at the new store? Learn more about American Eagle job openings and career opportunities at

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